Yamaha M1
Yamaha M1

Yamaha M1

A very elegantly designed Yamaha upright piano. I am very fond of the design myself

At a small 41 1/2” this piano has shorter strings than a similar piano in a larger design.

Having said this it does have a good sound for the size.

Sound wise, the piano has a balanced tone, with an even sound across the keys.

I would review this piano as better than most or all American Yamaha's I have tried. And close to the U series upright. It is not at the same level as a U1, U3 but holds its ground. As well as a very elegant small upright.

Pedal polishing (left hand unpolished, right hand polished)



These are my views are no substitute for a condition, and tone report from a well versed local piano tuner.

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