Samick SU-118H review
Samick SU-118H review

Samick SU-118H review

Console size (small upright) black polyester piano made in South Korea by Samick.

Balanced, full tone. If it were not for the bright hammers, the piano seems to have an underlying rich tone.

Due to a lack of use, the piano has developed friction in the mechanism. When a piano is sold, they are generally sold due to the owner not playing anymore, in many cases the touch is heavy due to this and can often be improved, not solved entirely, but improved by lubricating the center pins, and or adding teflon powder to the rollers on a grand.


Tuning pins overly tight. Some manufacturers attempt tuning stability by adding extra laminations to the block. However, this can cause the pins to be extra stiff and hard or 'jolty' to adjust. I do not recommend this as it causes the tuner to strain more whilst tuning. Some pianos like Steinway's from certain periods, or Yamaha C series grands have tuning pins that move like butter and are a pleasure to work with.

In balance, this is a well made Korean upright in an ever popular black polyester cabinet. In appearance it is aiming at the U1/U3 market of buyers.

Balanced yet bright tone which can be softened. Heavy touch which may be due to lack of use.


These are my views are no substitute for a condition, and tone report from a well versed local piano tuner.

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