Kimball Le Petite grand piano
Kimball Le Petite grand piano

Kimball Le Petite grand piano

This small 4’4’ grand piano gives off the air that it almost a toy piano. However, the piano is very much complete. With a full 88 key action, 3 working pedals.

Tone wise, smaller strings do lead for a weaker top treble, where the strings are shorter than the normal short treble strings. And less depth to the bass. However, the tone is even, and has some of a woody quality which I quite enjoy.

Unfortunately for this piano, the music desk was designed as an immovable format, which may be Ok for those with good eyesight. However, not so helpful for those who find it hard to read without moving the desk closer.

The piano was hand painted, I asked a carpenter to do so, and this is the last time I will do this work on a piano. Standard paint flaked. The piano would be easier on the eyes on polyester white, or black.

Overall the piano has a pleasant voice, and for its size is surprisingly well rounded. However is very thin in the top treble and lacks depth in the bass. The model is not going to compete with serious mid to larger sized, top quality grand pianos. And I can't recommend the piano as a financial investment that will hold its value.

But may work for personal study, and fit well in smaller spaces.




Audio excerpts


Work done / needed

Cleaning soundboard
Cleaning strings
Painting (bad mistake)


Video footage

Playing the piano
Montage over the top
Audio recording

These are my views are no substitute for a condition, and tone report from a well versed local piano tuner.

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