Kawai 1963 606FRC
Kawai 1963 606FRC

Kawai 1963 606FRC

Made in Japan, this 1963 console Kawai has been played lightly for several decades and is in great playing condition. Key height is even and the action is set-up to play efficiently.

Tone wise, I do find mid treble area a little muddier than preferred and a little lower treble to be a bit unclear and dominant.

Yet the action is very good for a student, learner, the action is in good shape and should wear well with good maintenance.

Tone is even, without any spikes in brightness, however, some small tweaks to voicing could even several notes and slightly improve the sound of the mid to top treble.


These are my views are no substitute for a condition, and tone report from a well versed local piano tuner.

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