Hobart M. Cable
Hobart M. Cable

Hobart M. Cable

Current status: Out of production

An older American piano, Hobart M. Cable, made in the

Mildly rich aged middle to lower treble. However, thin top treble. Was originally very bright and needed voicing across the board. The client was happy with the tone

Originally heavy, c.70 grams. Lubrication (lack of playing led to stiffness) allowed for c.50gram weight.

Touch needs much regulation apart from lubrication.

Dark mahogany cabinet.

There may be a consideration that when your piano gets to be over 20+ years it will likely need more regulation that expected. This piano needs the whole action set-up, the hammers voiced, the pitch raised. Thankfully hammers, shanks and action parts were in solid condition.

Perhaps new hammers may bring out a better sound, however, I do not expect it to be rich sounding, perhaps fuller and more mellow.


These are my views are no substitute for a condition, and tone report from a well versed local piano tuner.

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